NC Diamondback Terrapin Conservation Network


The North Carolina Diamondback Terrapin Conservation Network is an informal assemblage of people, organizations, and agencies concerned about the well-being of terrapin populations in North Carolina.

This network, an unofficial working group, formed as a result of two meetings held early in 2008: The Southeast Regional Diamondback Terrapin Workshop (Charleston, SC; 27 February) and NC PARC (Salter Path, NC; 6-7 March). Individuals attending these two meetings concluded that awareness and coordination of research, conservation, management, and educational efforts would elevate terrapin conservation efforts within the state.© The Tortoise Reserve, Inc.

The information appearing on this web site is a first attempt to facilitate information sharing. Anyone interested in participating should contact us and we will pass your contact information directly to appropriate members of the network.

Note: Please refresh your web browser to view recent additions as the following pages are under development (December 2009)


General Biological Information

Crab Traps vs. Terrapins

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Other NC Management Issues

Educational Awareness & Current Research

Key References and Links

Terrapin Conservation Efforts in Other States




North Carolina Terrapin Conservation Network:

The following agencies and organizations have representatives interested in working on various terrapin conservation issues in North Carolina (March 2008):


Federal Government

NOAA, Southeastern Fisheries Science Center
US Fish and Wildlife Service
US Geological Survey
Camp Lejune


State Agencies

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
North Carolina Marine Fisheries
North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation
North Carolina Department of Transportation



North Carolina Aquariums (Pine Knoll Shores, Ft Fisher)
North Carolina State Museum
North Carolina Museum of Forestry
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
North Carolina Veterinary School Turtle Team (and other rehab groups)
Duke University Marine Lab
Davidson College



Southeast Regional Diamondback Terrapin Working Group
Chesapeake Terrapin Alliance
North Carolina PARC
North Carolina Audubon Society
North Carolina Herpetological Society
NC State University Herp Club
Topsail Sea Turtle Hospital
Tortoise Reserve
Local fishermen and private sector folks (including waterfront property owners)




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